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hi i got this form in my script, can i parse option values like height and width inside the script, or have i to style it with jQuery after rendering through that script?

var form1 = new Backbone.Form({
    schema: {
        country: { type: 'Select', options: ['UK', 'USA'] },
        city: { type: 'Select', options: cities.UK },
        message: { type: 'Text'}
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You can use the fieldAttrs property to set any attributes to the element:

country: { 
  type: 'Select', 
  options: ['UK', 'USA'], 
  fieldAttrs: { style: "width: 400px; height: 30px;" } 

Alternatively you can provide a CSS class using the fieldClass property, and apply CSS rules using regular stylesheets:

country: { 
  type: 'Select', 
  options: ['UK', 'USA'], 
  fieldClass: 'country-select'

All the available schema attributes are documented here.

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what I observe is as follows: <div class="form_float_left" placeholder="hello"> <label for="c1_firstname"></label> <div><span data-editor=""> <input id="c1_firstname" type="text" name="firstname"> </span> <div data-error=""></div> <div></div> </div> </div>. So all the attributes are added to the div but not to the input elements. So if I want to add "placeholder" attribute to the input then fieldattr does not work....do you have any idea how to do that ? –  user1102171 Jul 28 '13 at 19:16
Use editorAttrs: {placeholder: "Placeholder text" } –  Dave Robertson Apr 2 '14 at 2:46

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