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I'm having problems reading data from Cassandra using the Cassandra Gem.... Here is my code:

require 'cassandra'
@states = {}
@client = Cassandra.new('Logs', "")
@client.get_range(:PlaybackStates) do |ckey,bb|
    @states[bb["State"].to_sym] = key
pp @states

I get this:


This is what I expected:


I can get this result by doing this in code:

require 'cassandra'
@states = {}
@client = Cassandra.new('Logs', "")
@client.get_range(:PlaybackStates) do |ckey,bb|
    @states[bb["State"].to_sym] = ckey.unpack("N*") # unpacking the string with N*
pp @states

I also get binary representations of TimeStamp & Date fields...... Am I doing something wrong?? Why are the datatypes not being converted by the GEM??

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cassandra (0.17.0) thrift (0.9.0, 0.8.0) thrift_client (0.9.0, 0.8.3) –  Paul Jan 29 '13 at 18:42

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The cassandra gem from Twitter does not understand datatypes other than UTF8 at the moment. As a result it will interpret native integers and other datatypes as strings.

I recommend using the cassandra-cql gem instead. It provides full support for mapping native Cassandra datatypes to native Ruby types.



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