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We're currently looking for a reliable Reverse DNS lookup service (Input IP Address -> output domain name) which is accessible by API. Volumes are not not huge but we need a reliable service. Anybody know any providers? experience with them?

NB: I need reverse lookup - i.e. I have the IP address, I want to domain name.

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Thanks for the answers (I didn't do the -1!) - obviously command line tools can do basic lookup. However, I mean something more like this: domaintools.com/reverse-ip (anybody any experience with domaintools?) - which allows you to get all the domains associated with an IP address. Otherwise you often just get the domain name originally associated with the IP by the hosting company. Hope that makes it clearer. –  steve Sep 23 '09 at 10:51
Yes, it is clearer but it is not "reverse lookup". I suggest that you edit your question and change its title. And domaintools is quite poor: for, it finds only www.bortzmeyer.org, not www.demaziere.fr, for instance. –  bortzmeyer Sep 23 '09 at 19:49
Just clarified the title. Domaintools charges for all but a taster of the results, but ye, maybe they don't find anything. Any other providers in the same space? –  steve Sep 28 '09 at 10:26

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Domaintools does this but you need a membership to get full results. Are they complete? who knows -- the nature of DNS means there is no reliable mapping to really know ALL the forward entries that point at a given IP, without crawling every public DNS server. There's really not even a reliable way to do that, since the only people that truly know every domain that exists are the root registrars.

I'm assuming what you're asking here is not for "true" reverse DNS (which requires a specific entry created in the DNS server). Reverse DNS (PTR records) are basically voluntary, and also require access to the reverse zone (in the case of shared hosting, etc, people often don't have that). In addition, often there are hundreds of domains hosted on the same IP, but only one reverse entry.

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Mar 2011 -- That service costs: $30/month for 10 reverse IP lookups/month, or $50+/- for 100 reverse lookups/month. That's either $3 or $0.50 per reverse lookup. L0LZ –  Heath Hunnicutt Mar 11 '11 at 5:08

Why do you need a "provider"? Just issue the DNS requests yourself, either from the command line (nslookup or, better, dig, but you did not indicate your operating system so I cannot say more) or from a program (any programming langauge allow to perform reverse DNS queries.

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Downvotes without comments are the scourge of Stackoverflow. In this case, was it lazyness or incompetence? –  bortzmeyer Sep 23 '09 at 9:06
Because the OP is asking for A records that point to a domain given some random IP. The question is not about the PTR record for a given IP. Don't know about your infrastructure but since there's no real way to find it out to naive ideas to be able to answer the questions come to my mind: (1) You have really really vast amounts of data so that you can answer with somewhat reliable guesses, (2) You are really good with heuristics and don't have as much data (just vast amounts) to give a somewhat reliable answer. That's at least my understanding of the question... –  Server Horror Jun 7 '11 at 16:46

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