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I had the same issue as gabrielhilal as see here. LearnCocos2D posted to remove all references to FIXCATEGORYBUG. My question is how to do this? References from where? My apologies if that is a silly question.

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The following files in Kobold2d have to be changed:

FixCategoryBug.h line 15:


#define FIX_CATEGORY_BUG(name) @interface FIXCATEGORYBUG ## name; @end @implementation FIXCATEGORYBUG ## name; @end


#define FIX_CATEGORY_BUG(name) @interface FIXCATEGORYBUG ## name : NSObject @end @implementation FIXCATEGORYBUG ## name @end

NSMutableArray+WeakReferences.m line 39:


#define FIX_CATEGORY_BUG(name) @interface FIX_CATEGORY_BUG_##name @end @implementation FIX_CATEGORY_BUG_##name @end


#define FIX_CATEGORY_BUG(name) @interface FIX_CATEGORY_BUG_##name : NSObject @end @implementation FIX_CATEGORY_BUG_##name @end
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Wow, it worked thanks! –  Viktor Lexington Feb 18 '13 at 14:24

Ok this was a lame question. Sorry I'm new. On the off chance someone else sees this then just go to Edit > Find > Find in Workspace. Search for FIXCATEGORYBUG. I commented every #import statement and things worked ok after that.

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