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Why is sorting modifing the original in this case?

jsFiddle - I have 2 arrays. I want to set the second variable to the sorted version of the first.

var _myArray = ["N","T","A","W","Z","X"];
var _array02 = _myArray.sort();


What should happen: N,T,A,W,N,X<br>A,N,T,W,X,Z

What happens instead: A,N,T,W,X,Z<br>A,N,T,W,X,Z

Is this by design in JS, and if so, how do I achieve what I want?

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sort() sorts the array in place. Sort a copy, if you want the original array unchanged:

var _myArray = ["N","T","A","W","Z","X"];
var _array02 = _myArray.slice().sort();

_myArray +'\n'+_array02

/*  returned value: (String)
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Thank you for the clarification :) –  DJDavid98 Jan 29 '13 at 19:13

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