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I try to create a galaxy tab emulator following all the tuts on the net, but I cant find Available packages => Third Party Add-ons => Samsung Electronics add-ons in my SDK manager !!!

Any ideas ?

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Read This.

From that page, download the file addon_galaxy_tab_samsung_electronics_8.zip.

Copy the folder addon_galaxy_tab_samsung_electronics_8 to ~/sdk/add-ons.

Then open AVD manager, Make a new Emulator,and in the target choose GALAXY TAB Addon.

If you meant Galaxy Tab 10.1, use these settings too:

Device: 10.1" WXGA (Tablet) (1280x800)
Target: Galaxy Tab Addon (from what you downloaded).
RAM:1024 (don't do this if you have a slow PC; it's not really necessary).
VM Heap: 32

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Ensure Android 2.2 (API8) is installed in your SDK Manager or the Galaxy Tab Addon won't be visible in the Target dropdown box in the AVD manager. –  flarebear Apr 26 '14 at 23:17

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