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I have 4 elements with widths set at @include span-columns(3,12) this outputs each element at 25% which is fine, what I would also like to do is add margin to each element but doing this breaks the layout of these elements as the 25% width and % margin get added together. Can anyone advise how I can combine the margin in with the width?



        @include span-columns(3,12);
// tried this margin-right: columns(.5,12);

          @include omega;
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If you have your container set up with 12 columns and have set $gutter-width to a value, then each column has $gutter-width gap (margin if you like).

If you implement susy grid backgrounds using:

$show-grid-backgrounds : true;

and inside your container context:

@include susy-grid-background;

You will see the gutters behind your design.

You can also add padding into the span-columns mixin (3rd param). This does not always work as expected though.

Another way I have used is the squish mixin and it adds columns as margins. This works quite well but I have not tried using 0.5 columns as the squish amount.

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hey, i have set the gutter-width to be 0em as I require some of my elements to be tightly positioned to each other, is it possible to use $gutter-width in some sections and not on all? –  styler Jan 30 '13 at 10:51
Yes it can. You may need to do a @include reset-columns; after changing the value. And I would say you'd have to set it back after use. But I have only done this with responsive design using @include at-breakpoint() { $gutter-width:0em; @include reset-columns; @include susy-grid-background; }. –  greyman Jan 31 '13 at 21:17

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