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So I want to slow down a motor on a Tetrix Robot:

Here's my code:

//Makes the main frame of arm move up and down  

    motor[motorE] = joystick.joy1_y2 ;

How can I make the values given by joystick.joy1_y2slower?

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I'm the programmer on an FTC Team and we use RobotC, like it appears you are using. If you are, you can just divide the joystick.joy1_y2 by some other value for instance:

motor[motorE] = (joystick.joy1_y2/2);

And you could make that adjustable by using something like:

int motorDivide = 1;

task motorTask;

task main(){




task motorTask(){

        if (joy1Btn(1) == 1){
            if (motorDivide >= 3){
                motorDivide = 1;

        motor[motorE] = (joystick.joy1_y2/motorDivide);
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