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I have a String variable that contains '*' in it. But Before using it I have to replace all this character.

I've tried replaceAll function but without success:

text = text.replaceAll("*","");
text = text.replaceAll("*",null);

Could someone help me? Thanks!

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Why not just use String#replace() method, that does not take a regex as parameter: -

text = text.replace("*","");

In contrary, String#replaceAll() takes a regex as first parameter, and since * is a meta-character in regex, so you need to escape it, or use it in a character class. So, your way of doing it would be: -

text = text.replaceAll("[*]","");  // OR
text = text.replaceAll("\\*","");

But, you really can use simple replace here.

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But does it remove all * if String have more than 1 character? – Victor K Jan 29 '13 at 19:33
@arhimed. Yeah, of course it removes all of them. Just try it out on your sample string. – Rohit Jain Jan 29 '13 at 19:34

you can simply use String#replace()

text = text.replace("*","");

String.replaceAll(regex, str) takes regex as a first argument, as * is a metachacter you should escape it with a backslash to treat it as a normal charcter.

text.replaceAll("\\*", "")
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Try this.

You need to escape the * for the regular expression, using .

text = text.replaceAll("\\*","");
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