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Possible Duplicate:
Language Translation for Tables

I'm creating a table in sql server 2008. The schema of the table:


CommentID  int
Category   nvarchar(250)
Comment    nvarchar(250)

This table stores the english version for all the comments on the Comments table. Based on these comments, I would like to pull from the database the corresponding Comment for languages like spanish, french, etc.

What is the best way to accomplish my goal? I would like to keep track the translated comment based on my orginal CommentID.

Also, it was suggested for another question to create a column for each language. However, what happens when I would like to add a new language?

Translate string in different language that is in database

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If you are going to save the comment in the original language and the comment in English, all in the database, I would create the table that you said (CommentID, Category, Comment) with the comment in English and then another table (CommentTranslationID, CommentID, LanguageID, Comment) with a translated version, saving the ISO(2) code for the language

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You could have another table that keeps the translated versions...



When you need to pull the translated comment, you would know the commentId and the language.

This also makes it easy to add another language.

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