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I set up a directive that binds a function for the keydown and keypress events. The directive sets the focus for an input on a form when a shortcut key is entered.

<input type="text" id=txtField1" focus-key="a" />
<input type="text" id=txtField2" focus-key="b" />
<input type="text" id=txtField3" focus-key="c" />

Is it possible to trigger the keypress event for unit testing my directives? Thanks in advance for your help.

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You can use jQuery with AngularJS, and you can do this fairly easily in jQuery with the trigger() API call. You can pass an event into trigger, in this case the event is the

var aEvent = jQuery.Event("keydown");
aEvent.which = 40; //this is the ASCII value of the key you want to press

Then repeat for the other characters.

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What about without the use of jQuery, just with jqLite? We have chosen not to include jQuery in our project (because we don't require it - jqLite is sufficient for our needs). I am not willing to add jQuery as a test-only dependency, as this would cause our unit tests to run in a different environment to production. Any suggestions? –  Johnus Aug 21 at 0:03
@Johnus I think nowadays I would revise my answer, honestly. Could have a directive instead, or even a scope function that uses the ng-keydown event. That might help with testing as you could just call the function. Not 100% sure though. –  James M Sep 18 at 14:11

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