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I am trying to render one of two slightly different forms with an unless else:

unless many_items
     form_tag purchases_url(:item1 => item1), :id => "id1_#{item1}", :method => "post", :class=> "order-form" do 
      form_tag purchases_url(:item1 => item1, :item2 => item2), :id => "upgrade_#{item2}", :class => "upgrade_form" do

rest of form


but I get an error, of course. I don't really know haw to do this..

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There are several of approaches, but if nothing else, set the values in the if statement, and use a single form_tag--your form tag is identical except for the values being passed in. –  Dave Newton Jan 29 '13 at 20:55
hi @DaveNewton, thanks for the quick response. but I need that item2 won't be passed in the else clause at all (I can't control the controller code..). –  WebQube Jan 30 '13 at 7:29

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I used a nil to prevent from the second variable to exist

parent_order = item2.present? ? item2 : nil
form_id = gig.is_item? ?  "1#{gig.id}" : "2#{gig.id}"
form_class = gig.is_item? ? "1" : "2"

 form_tag purchases_url(:item1 => item1 ,:item2 => items), :id => form_id, :method => "post", :class=> form_class do 

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