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When I try to debug an XSLT file using Visual Studio 2010, I get the following popup:

Transform Error
XSL Transformation failed. See Output Window for details.

Once I click OK the following appears in the output window in VS2010:

The stylesheet is too complex.

The XSL stylesheet I'm using has 1881 lines (~68KB). I tried breaking it up using 10 imports (about 275 lines each), but I get the same error. This doesn't happen for any of my other stylesheets (my next biggest stylesheet is about 300 lines and <16KB).

NOTE: This does -not- happen in Visual Studio 2008. I'm using this as a temp fix.

NOTE 2: I found a Windows Support Page about how format-number() might be causing an error, but I've installed all service packs and it didn't change anything. (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/832757)

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Remove each of the exports one by one until you find the problem. –  torazaburo Jan 30 '13 at 1:49

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