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What is the best method to use a $http service in angular JS? How can we achieve the promise paradigm and do the best Any help would be appreciated.

I have gone thru the API developer's guide and found the following..


I was wondering what would the promise call would look like and how do i attach a callback function to this??

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$http.get() is just a shortcut method where method: GET is already defined for you. So, any $http() examples you see in the docs that use promises also apply to $http.get(). – Mark Rajcok Jan 29 '13 at 22:43
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The best way to implement a callback is something like this

  $http(url).then( function (){
      return //values

Now if you want to achieve the promise paradigm you need to have a resolve config in your controller

resolve: {
   value1: return $http.get(url).then( function (response){
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Any call to $http returns a promise object, so you can then call the success method or error like this:


.error(function(errorData, errorStatus){


or you can do this:

var promise = $http.get("/url");


Make sure you read about $resource, $q and $http to cover the "angular" way.

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