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I am looking for a way to get a recursive list of downstream dependencies of a job in Autosys.

E.g. if jobX1 has a condition of s(jobA) and jobX2 has the same condition s(jobA), I would like to be able to list that the downstream dependencies of jobA are jobX1 and jobX2 and their recursive downstream dependecies.

I need it because if I put jobA on ice but still need the downstream dependecies run, I want to get a quick list for forced executions. I was hoping autorep would have an option but I don't seem to find one.

I know that I can write a Perl script that recurses dependecies and it'd be easy to do but I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.

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On an Oracle-based 4.5 version of AutoSys (where 'autosys' is the schema), I have used the following query to get a list of recursive dependencies:

select ltrim(sys_connect_by_path(b.job_name,' ==> '),' ==> ') parent_child_grandchild
from autosys.job b
start with (   b.condition LIKE ('%jobA%')
and b.JOB_TYPE ='b'
connect by b.condition like PRIOR concat(concat('%',b.job_name),'%')
order by parent_child_grandchild;
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thanks, however, i do not have access to the backend DB -- must interface through autorep –  amphibient Jan 30 '13 at 19:52
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use job_depends command. it has -c and -d options to list jobs before and after the job.

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I don't know of a autosys CLI way of doing it. I ended up writing a Perl script

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