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Edit: I've seen a number of these but couldn't find an answer to this so I'm attempting to document it as best I can and asking this question.

I have a model-less rails app (calling an API) with a nested comments resource. I am able to post a comment against a story if I go directly to the comments#new or comments#index action and accordingly post to the comments#create action.

However I'd like very much to be able to post a comment on the same page as the #show action of the parent resource: (opusses#show)

I've tried using the rails url_helper path from rake routes as opuss_comments_path and explicitly stating the controller and action. In both cases I still get this message:

No route matches {:controller=>"comments", :action=>"create"}

Here is my routes db:

resources :users
resources :sessions,  only: [:new, :create, :destroy]
resources :osessions, only: [:new, :create, :destroy]

resources :authors do
  member do
    get   :following
    get   :followed
    post  :follow

resources :opusses do

  resources :comments

  member  do
    get   :like
    get   :authorfeed
    post  :repost

And my Rake Routes:

                   DELETE /authors/:id(.:format)                         authors#destroy
    opuss_comments GET    /opusses/:opuss_id/comments(.:format)          comments#index
                   POST   /opusses/:opuss_id/comments(.:format)          comments#create
 new_opuss_comment GET    /opusses/:opuss_id/comments/new(.:format)      comments#new
edit_opuss_comment GET    /opusses/:opuss_id/comments/:id/edit(.:format) comments#edit
     opuss_comment GET    /opusses/:opuss_id/comments/:id(.:format)      comments#show
                   PUT    /opusses/:opuss_id/comments/:id(.:format)      comments#update
                   DELETE /opusses/:opuss_id/comments/:id(.:format)      comments#destroy


        like_opuss GET    /opusses/:id/like(.:format)                    opusses#like
  authorfeed_opuss GET    /opusses/:id/authorfeed(.:format)              opusses#authorfeed
      repost_opuss POST   /opusses/:id/repost(.:format)                  opusses#repost
           opusses GET    /opusses(.:format)                             opusses#index
                   POST   /opusses(.:format)                             opusses#create
         new_opuss GET    /opusses/new(.:format)                         opusses#new
        edit_opuss GET    /opusses/:id/edit(.:format)                    opusses#edit
             opuss GET    /opusses/:id(.:format)                         opusses#show
                   PUT    /opusses/:id(.:format)                         opusses#update
                   DELETE /opusses/:id(.:format)                         opusses#destroy

When I call the code below from comments#index page it works perfectly. However it's quite common to post to another form from a different controller and when I call this code from the opusses#show page it fails with the error above.

On the off chance it had to do with the URL helper, I tried specifying the controller and action explicitly and that still didn't work - generated the same error.

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You're linking to a non-nested "comments" resource somewhere; URL helpers will be expecting the containing opus to be passed in. It would be helpful to show the offending code. –  Dave Newton Jan 29 '13 at 23:00

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Classic newbie mistake, but for others benefit =>

I had rake routes and I had the path correct, what I wasn't doing was submitting a the id of the parent resource. So POST to the path and include the object in question. In my case this mean opuss_comments_path(@opuss["xyz"]) where xyz was the id of my object.

opuss_comments GET    /opusses/:opuss_id/comments(.:format)          comments#index
               POST   /opusses/:opuss_id/comments(.:format)          comments#create

Ah.. learning. :)

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Based on your routes, You shouldn't have to use a url helper. but you do have to make sure that you have a handle on the Opuss object in the controller. so do something like this ;

@opuss = Opuss.find(params[:id]) #or your equivalent finder code
@comment =

and then in your view;

<%= form_for([@opuss, @comment]) do |f| %>
  .... rest of form
<% end %> 
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Thanks. My dilemma here is that I have no model, so the Opusses controller is simply calling an APIWrapper that I've created. So within the Opusses#show action I make two api calls and get back two objects, '@opuss and @comments' - both of these are available in show.html.erb view. So my forms are not dealing with model objects. (I could have used form_tag I guess), but the issue is still that I need to submit a form comment to the create action that will ultimately call another api method (in the create action of the comments controller). Tried [:opuss, :comments] too - no dice. –  sb2uk Jan 29 '13 at 23:24
Asking this question another way: How do you post form data located on the view of one controller to the #create action of another controller where the other controller is a logically nested resource of the parent? I just want to post the data to an API. –  sb2uk Jan 30 '13 at 1:56

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