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I need to add on a BingMap control one or more pushpins with custom static image and text, which is set in code. Here is my pushpin template:

<ControlTemplate x:Key="PushpinTemplate" TargetType="maps:Pushpin">
    <Grid x:Name="ContentGrid"
                <Image Source="Images/pin.png" Stretch="None"/>
                <TextBlock Text="Text" />

How to make property TextBlock.Text can be changed programmatically? Say bind it to a property Pushpin.Content. Thanks.

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Solved by dynamic generation of control template.

    private ControlTemplate CreateTemplate(string image, string text)
        string xaml = "<ControlTemplate xmlns=\"\" xmlns:x=\"\" xmlns:maps=\"clr-namespace:Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Maps;assembly=Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Maps\" TargetType=\"maps:Pushpin\"><Grid x:Name=\"ContentGrid\" Width=\"39\" Height=\"48\"><Image Source=\"" + image + "\" Stretch=\"None\"/><TextBlock Margin=\"14,2,0,0\" FontSize=\"20\" Text=\"" + text + "\" /></Grid></ControlTemplate>";
        ControlTemplate сt = (ControlTemplate)XamlReader.Load(xaml);
        return сt;
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