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I have a question about getting data in a file using a shell script. I want to search in some lines with more than one condition.

For example, if I have this file:

TX VIDEO ID 34 B 33 SIZE 672 SRC -1 DST 11 T 0.1 1
TX CBR ID 35 B 35 SIZE 10 SRC -1 DST 11 T 0.1 1
RX VOIP ID 0 B 0 SIZE 32 SRC -1 DST 3 D 0.001 0
RX VOIP ID 8 B 8 SIZE 32 SRC -1 DST 5 D 0.001 1
RX VOIP ID 20 B 20 SIZE 32 SRC -1 DST 8 D 0.001 1
RX VIDEO ID 9 B 9 SIZE 1490 SRC -1 DST 5 D 0.002 1
RX VIDEO ID 21 B 21 SIZE 1490 SRC -1 DST 8 D 0.002 1
TX INF_BUF ID 37 B 10 SIZE 776 SRC 1 DST 5 T 0.102 1
TX INF_BUF ID 39 B 22 SIZE 776 SRC 2 DST 8 T 0.102 1

In this file I have each of the "RX VIDEO" and "TX VIDEO" lines. The first condition I want to take data from is all the "RX VIDEO" within the "DST 3 && DST 5".

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Welcome to SO. I've edited your post trying to improve it's formatting. To clarify the last two sentences: What is the expected output? –  istepaniuk Jan 29 '13 at 23:20

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For more than one condition you can pipe greps output to another grep.

If you want to search a file for lines with AAA and BBB you can do:

grep 'AAA' file | grep 'BBB'

Or you can search it with regular expressions with only one grep:

grep -e 'AAA.*BBB' -e 'BBB.*AAA' file

If an expressions after any of the -e options are matched, you will get a result. That means that it acts like or.

Both examples will find lines like this ones:


and so on.

For your example it could be:

grep 'RX VIDEO' file | grep -e 'DST 3' -e 'DST 5'

This will search for RX VIDEO together with DST 3 or DST 5.

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thank you svnpenn ,i will try by your comment also :) –  user2023449 Jan 30 '13 at 8:59
Why was this voted down? My answer tries to explain some grep basics and then addresses the inquirers problem. –  erik Feb 2 '13 at 22:57

I am assuming you want lines with RX VIDEO that also contain DST 3 or DST 5

$ grep 'RX VIDEO.*DST [35]' a.txt
RX VIDEO ID 9 B 9 SIZE 1490 SRC -1 DST 5 D 0.002 1


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i have one comment,maybe is not right all time ,for example if we have the "DST 10 " and "DST 11" and you want to take just the "DST 10" ? using 'RX VIDEO.*DST [3510]' will be take all ,i mean number 1o and 11,so do you have another solution ? thanks –  user2023449 Jan 30 '13 at 9:21

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