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I have a website that used to be only a news page, but as we grown, I had to move the news section from homepage to domainname.com/news

To not confuse our loyal users when they landing on the new home page, I would like to give them an option (light box). The first time when you arrive to the homepage, you get a message, if you want to go directly to News and keep it as a default (or cancel). If you choose yes, next time you type our domain name, it will take you to the news section.

I hope there is a javascript that could do this job.

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There is... you just haven't written it yet. –  ithcy Jan 30 '13 at 0:11

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Use JavaScript to do an alert confirm() to find out what the user wants to do. From that set a cookie.

Next load, have PHP check the cookie to find out where to head to.

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function checkCookie()
var wellcome=getCookie("firstime");
  if (wellcome!==null && wellcome!=="")
    alert("is your first time");
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