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I have a NHibernate criteria query as follows:

using (var unitOfWork = this.UnitOfWorkFactory.CreateUnitOfWork())
    const string fromstring = "2013-01-29 23:30:33.5993";
    var from = DateTime.Parse(fromstring);

    const string tostring = "2013-01-29 23:30:33.63434";
    var to = DateTime.Parse(tostring);

    var criteria = unitOfWork.Session.CreateCriteria<DataModel>();

    criteria.Add(Restrictions.Ge("Created", from));
    criteria.Add(Restrictions.Le("Created", to));

    items = criteria.List<DataModel>();

I'm using Postgresql, here's the table mapping:

-- Table: data

-- DROP TABLE data;

  id integer NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('data__sequence'::regclass),
  created timestamp without time zone NOT NULL,
  CONSTRAINT itemsupdatelog_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id )
  OWNER TO ubuntu;

And the NHibernate mapping:

<hibernate-mapping xmlns="urn:nhibernate-mapping-2.2" assembly="Data" namespace="Data.Models">
  <class name="DataModel" table="Data" mutable="false">
    <id name="Id">
      <generator class="sequence">
        <param name="sequence">Data__Sequence</param>

    <property name="Created" not-null="true" type="Timestamp" />


I can confirm that the data in the tables looks good (i.e. there ARE most definitely milliseconds on all the Created values, and when I query the values OUT of the db using NHibernate, the DateTime objects have the correct milliseconds).

However, when I use NHProf to examine the query, NHibernate is NOT sending the correct milliseconds in the query:

    SELECT this_.Id            as Id1_0_,
       this_.Created       as Created1_0_,
FROM   Data this_
WHERE  this_.Created >= '2013-01-29T23:30:33.00' /* :p1 */
       and this_.Created <= '2013-01-29T23:30:33.00' /* :p2 */
ORDER  BY this_.Created desc

Any ideas?

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To be sure: is it issue of your observation of the NHProf (only) or even the query results are wrong? I tried to follow your issue (well with MS SQL) and it is working. The crucial part of mapping you have in place: type="Timestamp" ... so, issue with NHProf, or even query results are wrong? –  Radim Köhler Jan 30 '13 at 5:20
I think NHProf was not showing the full millis in the window. After taking a look at my data it was working just fine. –  karlgrz Jan 30 '13 at 20:03
Good news;) I thought so. Thanks for reponse –  Radim Köhler Jan 31 '13 at 4:19

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UPDATE: The issue appears to be in NHProf. SQL reported by NHProf :

SELECT this_.Id      as Id0_0_,
   this_.Created as Created0_0_
FROM   data this_
WHERE  this_.Created >= '2013-01-29T23:30:33.00' /* :p0 */
       and this_.Created <= '2013-01-29T23:30:33.00' /* :p1 */

SQL reported in postgres log :

SELECT this_.Id as Id0_0_, this_.Created as Created0_0_ 
FROM data this_ 
WHERE this_.Created >= ((E'2013-01-29 23:30:33.599300')::timestamp) 
and this_.Created <= ((E'2013-01-29 23:30:33.634340')::timestamp)

To double check I inserted a row which falls between the milliseconds in the query:

insert into data (created) values ('2013-01-29 23:30:33.600')

And this row is returned.

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I saw this same behavior in my tests as well. Thanks for the detailed answer! –  karlgrz Jan 31 '13 at 4:23

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