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Does Formo module for Kohana prevent CSRF? I haven't seen any code (tokens etc.) form protecting forms against it. So, is there any built-in solution in Formo or I have to protect forms on my own?


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Kohana has basic support for CSRF protection.

Check these links:

Docs: http://forum.kohanaframework.org/discussion/2052/csrf-helper/p1

Forum: http://kohanaframework.org/3.2/guide/api/Security#token

It basically means you have to put a token in your forms manually with Security::token();

Like this:

echo Form::hidden('csrf', Security::token());

Then you can check the token where you handle the form via validation:

$array->rules('csrf', array(
    'not_empty'       => NULL,
    'Security::check' => NULL,
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I knew that, but I wanted to know if there is solution implemented in Formo (just using method or something). But nevermind :) i made my own implementation of "object forms". –  crash01 Feb 5 '13 at 16:13

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