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I was trying to put together a .bat file program that presents readable information. Basically, we have a application called vSphere that reads custom scripts directly from a xml file. So there are xml elements that are passed into the the client. Now, I have a similar situation where we are doing the same thing with vCloud. The difference is that vCloud only reads data from a .bat file instead of a xml file.. If I wanted to do such a thing what would that look like.. Below is my psuedo code as I'm not completely familiar with .bat file syntax. Is this how I can present the information to be read by the vCloud client? The client already knows how to read the .bat file, I just need help with a control structure example of a .bat file to tackle this problem.

xml version:


.bat file version:

@echo off
SET ChangeExample=1341932956
if changeExample==""(
echo changeExample==ChangeExample

Thank you!

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this code may work for you

@echo off   
set changeExample=1341932956  
echo %changeExample% 

This will display the value of changeExample 1341932956 on the cmd screen if you run the batch file is this what you wanted...

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Your almost there, just a couple of things.

To access a variable after setting it, without any special circumstances, you need to put %'s at each side of it to tell cmd that you want the value contained in it.

By default if is case sensitive, so you must first make sure that your variables are spelt correctly, also you need a space between the end of the if condition and the bracket.

Provided that this is the correct format for the batch (I don't have a clue what it actually wants to read) then this is the correct syntax

@echo off
SET ChangeExample=1341932956
if %ChangeExample%=="" (
echo changeExample==%ChangeExample%

I presumed you wanted to echo the variable contents rather than the string ChangeExample, if you just want the string remove the %'s.

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