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This might sound like a retarded question but I am just learning C and all the websites I looked at this showed you the command to do it (project < somefile.txt) but not where to do it. Does it go in my project somewhere or command prompt? And if it is command prompt how do I get to where I need to enter it?

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This kind of command goes on the command-prompt when you run your program. – Code-Apprentice Jan 30 '13 at 0:39
That's a command... for the command-line. – Asblarf Jan 30 '13 at 0:39

It goes on your command prompt. You first need to cd into location where your compiled binaries are. That command basically says "run project and feed contents of somefile.txt into it"

If you're on Windows hit Win+R and run cmd. On UNIX you should find terminal app somewhere in your menu.

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Write your C code to use the built in FILE pointers defined in stdio.h. Read from STDIN and write to STDOUT. When you run your command like this: project < somefile.txt, the shell will open somefile.txt as STDIN before your program runs.

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