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What is the first thing you do when you install Visual Studio? I am talking about anything customization-wise (so we don't get answers based on 'I create a new project').

Do you have a favorite font?

Do you have a must have extension you couldn't possibly live without?

Do you have a keyboard shortcut you like to set?

I am interested to know your favorites.

For me, I only change the font to Calibri, I find it is easier to read, and I can fit more text on the screen.

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Install the Consolas font.

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Isn't Consolas pre-installed with Vista? :) – OregonGhost Sep 23 '09 at 9:48

I install ReSharper (sold by JetBrains) because it adds a lot of IDE behaviors/features that I became dependent on using Java IDEs.

The first thing I make others do is turn on line numbers for all file types, because it is impossible to pair with someone if you can't tell then what line of code you are looking at.

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enable line numbering

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  • Install Consolas
  • Install Resharper
  • Install TestDriven .Net
  • Set to show empty environment on startup.
  • Set max recent file list to 24 (max).
  • Set to a Visual Studio Dark theme
  • Set project default paths.
  • Set virus scanners to ignore my project directories
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Install the latest Service Pack. It's amazing the amount of bugs fixed, and the incompatibilities it solves.

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With no doubt:

  • Turn on line-numbering
  • Change coloring-scheme
  • Import settings
  • Re-order the most used tabs - auto-hide and position-settings
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Turn off "Animate environment tools" in the options

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  1. CodeRush/Refactor Pro
  2. VisualSVN Plugin
  3. Setup a macro so I can right click a website folder and "Open with VisualStudio"
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Install the zenburn color scheme

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I turn off drag-and-drop text editing since it's way too easy to do it by accident.

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I also load up my favorite macro files and assign the most used functions to keyboard shortcuts.

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Switch to bright text on black background

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I change the font to Consolas, and the background to a light gray(#FAFAFA).

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Change font to Consolas Turn on line numbering. Set to use spaces for indentation always. Install VIEmu

I like the idea of saving your settings file in source control.

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Alt-drag the toolbar buttons I actually use onto the menu bar, and then close all the toolbars. This is to de-clutter and get vertical space back so I can see more code at once.

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Install Visual Assist & ViEmu.

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Install an add on called VS.Php so I can use VS to develop and debug PHP

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Visual Studio options:

  • Turn on line numbering
  • Turn on"convert tabs to spaces"
  • Turn on "load last saved project when starting"
  • Enter full screen mode (shift-alt-enter)


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Search for feacp.dll, rename it to something else, then install Visual Assist X.

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Add /nosplash to the shortcut to make it boot faster.

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Configure vim as a external editor, so i can code boring stuff through macros on vim and everything else on vs

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  • Install SP1
  • Install Team Explorer
  • Turn on line numbers
  • Move Solution Explorer to the right side of screen
  • Open Source Control explorer and add to tabs at left of screen
  • Disable start page
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Change the font to FixedSys and the color scheme to fit my usual style.

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I open a project and some source files. That way I can see most of the default settings I have to adjust before I can start working.

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  • Install Consola's
  • Turn on LineNumbers
  • Install Paste as HTML Plugin for exporting code snippets.
  • Go online and mercilessily mock Eclipse users ;-)
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  • Hide all those fancy buttons at the top.
  • Enable line numbers in the source-editor
  • Move the solution explorer to the right of the screen.
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Install Resharper :)

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