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In RSpec, I have function that creates a new thread, and inside that thread performs some action–in my case, calls TCPSocket#readline. Here's the function as it is right now:

def read
  Thread.new do
    while line = @socket.readline
      #TODO: stuff

Due to thread scheduling, my test will fail if written as such:

it "reads from socket" do

Currently the only way I know to hack around this is to use sleep 0.1. Is there a way to properly delay the test until that thread is running?

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If your goal is to assert the system state is changed by the execution of your second thread, you should join on the second thread in your main test thread:

it "reads from socket" do
  socket_thread = subject.read
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Good call, in my n00bishness I completely forgot about the fact that it was returning the thread, so I didn't think to use it that way. –  Nick Acker Feb 2 '13 at 4:23

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