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I've a code below to find all the list of students

$fub = $this->Customer->find('all', array('conditions' => array('Customer.customers_types' => 'student')));

I've a code below to count the number of student who attempted the test.

$totalTests = $this->Customer->Test->find('count', array('conditions' => array('Test.customer_id' => $fub['Customer']['id'])));

$this->set('totalTests', $totalTests);

However, I've more than one customer that is student. How can I use the result from $fub and chuck it into the $totalTests condition to get the total number of of student who attempted the test.


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You should likely be using [ CakePHPs counterCache ]. It keeps track of the count of related items for you.

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In your count query the conditions which you try may not be match and return the array empty


is empty. first debug the $fub before your count query. the way which i follow is to set the


into a variable, like that

$f = $fub['customer']['id']

before your count query and the put this variable in your condition

$totalTests = $this->Customer->Test->find('count', array('conditions' => array('Test.customer_id' => $f)));

Try this one.

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