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I have 3 models using validation messages. 2 of them work perfectly for all messages, including _external messages. The third never returns the custom _external message. The folder structure and way in which I get the errors are identical for each model.

Folder Structure


Catching the Errors

catch (ORM_Validation_Exception $e) 
    return $e->errors('models/verify');

Errors Passed to View

array(1) { ["_external"]=> array(1) { ["activation_hash"]=> string(33) "activation hash must not be empty" } }

Output External Error

<?= Arr::path($errors, '_external.activation_hash'); ?>


return array(
   'activation_hash' => array(
        'not_empty' => 'The email fields did not match'


$extra_rules = Validation::factory($values)
  ->rule('activation_hash', 'not_empty');

There that should be everything. Again, everything is exactly the same amongst 3 models so I assume its a typo or a bug. Either way I pasted everything here from the code, do you see something I missed? In a debug attempt I put the _external.php file in every directory along the path to the verify folder but got no where so I dont think its my folder structure.

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My solution was to include the validation messages in an existing message file. The purpose of the verify action in my example above was to verify a users email address. I added the external verify messages to the external email array and it worked as intended.

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