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I am created a new table, wrote package & gave execute access to one user for this package. Is it necessary to create rollback script for these tasks?

  • When the table is dropped the trigger will be dropped. AM i right?

  • When the package is dropped the execute rights will automatically get dropped. AM i right?

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  1. Yes, a trigger must always be for a table or view - so if you drop the table (or view, as the case may be), all triggers on that object will be automatically dropped as well.*

  2. Yes, privileges are always on an object - if you drop the object (e.g. a package), all privileges on that object will be lost as well.

If you subsequently CREATE a new object with the same name, the old triggers and privileges will not magically reappear - you would have to add them manually.

Alternatively, if you CREATE OR REPLACE a package, the privileges on the original package will remain. Similarly, if you ALTER a table, the triggers will not be affected.

* In Oracle 11g, by default a dropped table gets moved to the Recycle Bin. If the table had any triggers, they get moved to the Recycle Bin as well.

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