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I have started working through a guide on adding for elements dynamically, via button within your form.

The guide was here Adding Form Elements

Now, I can follow most of it (i have little jQuery experience) but in my instance, I wish to add file fields, but the naming convention is a bit different, and its that waht is stumping me.

In my case, my first input has the name name="matrix_field[row_new_0][col_id_1]" and it is the row_new_0 that I need to increase. I'm not sure how I can get that to work, as the number is not at the end of the name. Hope that makes sense!

Right a quick edit as per requests.

Here's the markup for this. It's taken directly from the tutorial I linked to.

<form id="myForm">
    <input type="hidden" name="matrix_field[row_order][]" value="row_new_0" />

    <div id="input1" class="clonedInput">
       <input type="file" name="matrix_field[row_new_0][col_id_1]" />

       <input type="button" id="btnAdd" value="add another name" />
       <input type="button" id="btnDel" value="remove name" />

and heres the Javascript, together with the suggestion from jramby, but I'm getting some weird results....

<script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function() {
            $('#btnAdd').click(function() {
                var num     = $('.clonedInput').length;
                var newNum  = new Number(num + 1);

                var newElem = $('#input' + num).clone().attr('id', 'input' + newNum);

                newElem.children(':first').attr('id', 'name' + newNum).attr('name', 'matrix_field[row_new_' + newNum + '][col_id_1]');
                $('#input' + num).after(newElem);

                if (newNum == 5)

            $('#btnDel').click(function() {
                var num = $('.clonedInput').length;

                $('#input' + num).remove();

                if (num-1 == 1)


This is adding the extra field, but seems to getting some weird markup, so I am guessing its conflicting with something else in my js.

Anyhow, here's it is a http://jsfiddle.net/DdrfA/

However this seems to skip row_new_1 as it goes from row_new_0 straight to row_new_2 and also the remove button doesn't seems to work.

Hope this helps!

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Can you edit your question to include the relevant JavaScript and HTML. –  IanT8 Jan 30 '13 at 2:55

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You can parse out the row_new_0 pretty easily. This is based on the linked example:

var newElem = $("#input").clone().attr('name', function (_, name) {
   return name.replace('row_new_0', 'row_new_' + num);


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Instead of adding this line :

newElem.children(':first').attr('id', 'name' + newNum).attr('name', 'name' + newNum);

you just have to put this line :

newElem.children(':first').attr('id', 'name' + newNum).attr('name', 'matrix_field[row_new_' + newNum + '][col_id_1]');

May help more if I can get more details... I think you can see the missing question detail in my answer if existing.

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