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Imagine you want to build a version of SOFlow that does every topic. Much more encyclopædic -- somewhat similar to a collection of all of the "talk" pages on Wikipedia. If I were designing this, I wouldn't try to do it as one site. I'd do it as a framework where anybody could create a version for their special topic, but all of the special versions are aggregated.

Do people know of sites that are managed this way? How does the drill-down work? How do you manage relationships between the many installations -- most of which aren't controlled (in any sense) by the body that manages the top level?

Simple links don't suffice for all aspects -- imagine trying to collect usage statistics and reputation numbers on one user from all the various installations. How could you possibly generate the list of all the topics a person discusses when you don't even know what all the children sites are? Is a shared meta-data registry a necessity?

Nota bene:

This is similar, but distinct from this question on distributed software. Though "distributed" has many meanings, one of the common themes is on inter-process communication. This topic is important, but not exactly what I'm thinking about here.

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I've been working on this for quite a while: http://scen-connect.sourceforge.net/

It's a pretty hard problem.

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