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so I have a url which could be mywebsite.com/index.html#Jobs

I first need to get the name after the hash which I do by

var $ext = $(location).attr('hash');
$ext= $ext.replace("#","");

the problem is know when this hash tag has changed on a live event and not a page refresh

this is what i have tried

var $ext = $(location).attr('hash');

$ext.('change', function() {


I know this doesnt work as $ext isnt an element but would like some help.

any ideas very welcome.

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Google for 'onhashchange'. beware it doesn't work in older browsers. close question. –  Andy Ray Jan 30 '13 at 3:07

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Use This Plugin : http://benalman.com/projects/jquery-hashchange-plugin/

And Use This Code:

$(window).hashchange( function() {
    var hash = location.hash;
function myfunc(hash)  {

You can also use but some compatibility issues :

window.onhashchange = function() {

And for checking whether browser supports hashchange:

if ("onhashchange" in window) {
    alert("The browser supports the hashchange event!");
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