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I'm using isotope to filter a list with multiple filters where it is possible that based on a combination of certain filters no items will be displayed. In this case I want to display a message to the user that based on their filter parameters, no results exist. How would I go about that and does isotope have something built in to handle this? Here is a jsfiddle example. should be displayed if no items match filter set...



   var $container = $('#container'),
      $checkboxes = $('#filters input');

    itemSelector: '.item'

    var filters = [];
    // get checked checkboxes values
      filters.push( this.value );
    // ['.red', '.blue'] -> '.red, .blue'
    filters = filters.join('');
    $container.isotope({ filter: filters });

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You can could to see how many isotope items do not have the "isotope-hidden" class added to it. When the result is 0, it means that all of your elements will be hidden and you can trigger something to happen. You could use a callback function, like reLayout to run every time the isotope gets filtered.

function noResultsCheck() {
    var numItems = $('.item:not(.isotope-hidden)').length;
    if (numItems == 0) {
        //do something here, like turn on a div, or insert a msg with jQuery's .html() function
        alert("There are no results");

Add this to your change function:

$container.isotope( 'reLayout', noResultsCheck );


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This is perfect! Thanks... I added a pink block. How would I go about hiding it by default and showing it when no items exist. It should also be hidden again if the user updates the filters to return results... jsfiddle.net/cssguru/xvU8D/1 –  Adam Youngers Jan 30 '13 at 17:27
OK, figured it out I think... jsfiddle.net/cssguru/pz9kE –  Adam Youngers Jan 30 '13 at 19:22
This doesn't work in isotope 2, unfortunately. –  eye_mew Sep 7 at 14:52

Just to add to what nspace said...

You don't need to add the 'reLayout' callback, you can make the callback in the code you already had here $container.isotope({ filter: filters }); like this:

$container.isotope({ filter: filters }, function noResultsCheck() {
    var numItems = $('.item:not(.isotope-hidden)').length;
        if (numItems == 0) {
        alert("There are no results");


This is taken from the docs here: http://isotope.metafizzy.co/docs/introduction.html#script - do a page search for 'callback'.

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+1 Solved my problem. –  Lynda Sep 25 '13 at 4:43

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