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BOOL WINAPI GetOpenFileName( Inout LPOPENFILENAME lpofn );

is used for opening a file in a VC++ program, say


. But I want to use this function to select a folder

C:\Hello\World instaed of a file in it.

I guess I need to make some changes to the members of the structure "OPENFILENAME". Can anyone kindly lemme know how do I achieve this in a VC++ program. Thanks in advance.

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See stackoverflow.com/questions/31059/… which is not C++ but will give you the idea. –  Mark Ransom Jan 30 '13 at 4:21

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GetOpenFileName does not support folder selection at all.

Your options are:

  • SHBrowseForFolder which is available on Windows 2000 and later, but looks a bit ugly.
  • IFileDialog which is the platform native folder chooser, but only available on Vista or later. To make the dialog behave as a folder picker, pass FOS_PICKFOLDERS to SetOptions.

In my opinion the best result for the user is to use IFileDialog where available, but fall back to SHBrowseForFolder for older operating systems.

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There's ShBrowseForFolder. Plenty of C++ examples around if you search.

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