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I had written an XSLT 2.0 version file and when it is applied to an XML file it gives me following error:

ERROR:  'Unsupported XSL element '''

This is the Java code:

   TransformerFactory tFactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
   Transformer transformer = tFactory.newTransformer(new StreamSource("Test.xslt"));
   transformer.transform(new StreamSource("Old.xml"),new StreamResult(new    

Can someone help me out with this?

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could you publish your xslt aswell ? – TheWhiteRabbit Jan 30 '13 at 4:25
How does your Test.xslt look like – Jayamohan Jan 30 '13 at 4:26

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The default XSLT processors in java do not yet support XSLT 2.0. Check out here

You either need to stick with XSLT 1.0, or find a XSLT processor that supports XSLT 2.0

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Try adding this line to your code


Note: Also add corresponding JAR files for the Saxon parser than you will be good to go. You can refer this link for JAR file references. Hope this will help.

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