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I am using SVG to display chained animations (each path automatically starts when the previous path is complete) and managed to make it work fine. I even worked in a 'refresh' element that resets the animation chain.

My problem, is that I want to provide a way to 'skip' the animation. It is easy to add an element that triggers <set> elements to display the paths without animation, however this does not stop the animation chain, which keeps going through each element (resetting and re-drawing them).

I need a WebKit-supported way to stop a chained SVG animation...

Things I tried:

  • Setting an end attribute on the <animate> element that gets triggered by stops the animation of the current stroke, but still fires end events and therefore doesn't stop the chain.

  • Setting the begin attributes to indefinite and manually triggering the animation of the next path at the end of each path. However, this would require the ability to execute code on onend in the <animate> element, which WebKit apparently does not support yet.

  • Finding any way to stop ongoing animations (without triggering an end event), but references for current versions of SVG do not seem to give any (I have seen it listed as a problem to solve, in a presentation on drafting future versions of SVG/SMIL).

I was hoping anybody had figured a workaround of some kind to this problem. I figure I must not be the first person to want a chain of animations with a 'restart' and 'skip' buttons...

For reference, here is a simplified example of the type of SVG code I am using (generated on-the-fly by a program, so possibly not as compact as could be):

<svg width="220" height="220" viewBox="0 0 109 109" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" xml:space="preserve" version="1.1"  baseProfile="full">  
    <path d="M33.28,19.04c1.84,0.71,3.7,0.86,5.4,0.63c4.95-0.67,27.95-4.58,29.86-4.92c3.46-0.62,4.06,1.36,2.11,3.58c-1.95,2.22-11.41,13.17-16.35,17.19" style="fill:none;stroke:rgb(230,71,71);stroke-width:3" stroke-dasharray="67.00,67.00" stroke-dashoffset="67.00" stroke-linecap="round">
        <animate id="step0" attributeName="stroke-dashoffset" values="67.00;0" dur="1.3s" begin="0.10;" fill="freeze" keySplines="0.5 0 0.5 1" calcMode="spline" />
        <set attributeName="stroke-dashoffset" to="67.00" begin="" /> 
    <path d="M52.48,37.74c6.42,2.97,11.75,30.73,5.24,52.57c-2.8,9.38-8.09,2.96-10.47,0.99" style="fill:none;stroke:rgb(230,71,71);stroke-width:3" stroke-dasharray="70.00,70.00" stroke-dashoffset="70.00" stroke-linecap="round">
        <animate id="step1" attributeName="stroke-dashoffset" values="70.00;0" dur="1.4s" begin="step0.end+0.1s" fill="freeze" keySplines="0.5 0 0.5 1" calcMode="spline" />
        <set attributeName="stroke-dashoffset" to="70.00" begin="" /> 
    <path d="M12.25,51.48c3.75,1.14,8.79,1.03,12.48,0.49c16.77-2.47,42.86-5.84,58.53-6.75c4.26-0.25,9.11-0.34,13.11,0.57" style="fill:none;stroke:rgb(230,71,71);stroke-width:3" stroke-dasharray="85.00,85.00" stroke-dashoffset="85.00" stroke-linecap="round">
        <animate id="step2" attributeName="stroke-dashoffset" values="85.00;0" dur="1.7s" begin="step1.end+0.1s" fill="freeze" keySplines="0.5 0 0.5 1" calcMode="spline" />
        <set attributeName="stroke-dashoffset" to="85.00" begin="" /> 
    <g id="skipAnimation" visibility="visible"> <set  attributeName="visibility" begin="step2.end" end="" to="hidden"/> 
        <text id="skip" x="95" y="105" stroke="#AAA" stroke-width="0.5" style="font-size:11px;">➠</text>
    <g id="animationDone" visibility="hidden"> <set  attributeName="visibility" begin="step2.end" end="" to="visible"/> 
        <text id="refresh" x="95" y="105" stroke="#AAA" stroke-width="0.5" style="font-size:11px;">↻</text>
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