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I'm new to Django. On my template, I want to show a message if a visitor came from a certain page. For example, if user is from then the page would show the message:

Hi there!

If user is from any other url, the message would not be shown. I've been messing around with {{request.META.HTTP_REFERER}} but I'm still lost. Thanks in advance!

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{{ request.META.HTTP_REFERER }} should work. What error do you get? What does request.META.HTTP_REFERER output to your templates (try printing it out in a <p> tag). Check you're passing a RequestContext object to your render_to_response function – Aidan Ewen Jan 30 '13 at 7:39

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If you're using links to navigate from page to page you could hardcode it in your links, so that:

 <a href='/main/welcome?from={{path|urlencode}}'>

And in the page that you are redirected to, use

 page=request.GET.get('from', None)

To get where the user came from, and set up your logic from there.

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Determine the HTTP Referrer in your view and pass it with your context, you don't nesscarily have to pass the refereer you could pass in a Boolean context variable, or both - which I would recommend - this will allow you to do keep a cleaner template, and would allow you to tailor messages more appropriately .

Getting the Referrer:

After you have sent the variables through your context variable try checking against them in your template. I added refer_approved_source which you can check against a list and set in your view it doesn't have to have that name just used for illustration purposes.

{% if refer_approved_source == 'source' %}
  It looks like you are from {{refer}}
{% endif %
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