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In Cassandra Cluster EVENT_KS Key Space , I have a bookTicket1 (stream) and it has columns payload_provider,payload_totalNoTickets. When I tried to a new Analytics script as below ,

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE IF NOT EXISTS BusTicketTable (provider STRING, totalNoTickets STRING, version STRING) STORED BY 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.cassandra.CassandraStorageHandler' WITH SERDEPROPERTIES ( "cassandra.host" = "" , "cassandra.port" = "9160" , "cassandra.ks.name" = "EVENT_KS" , "cassandra.ks.username" = "admin" , "cassandra.ks.password" = "admin" , "cassandra.cf.name" = "bookTicket1" , "cassandra.columns.mapping" = ":payload_provider,payload_totalNoTickets, Version" );

It returns the error "ERROR: Error while executing Hive script.Query returned non-zero code: 9, cause: FAILED: Execution Error, return code 1 from org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.DDLTask "

Just need your help in figuring this error .


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Consider this line,

"cassandra.columns.mapping" = ":payload_provider,payload_totalNoTickets, Version"

There the key is not set in Cassandra. I am not sure but I think you may have to set the key as well because the row key is mandatory for Cassandra column family.

e.g.: "cassandra.columns.mapping" = ":key, payload_provider,payload_totalNoTickets, Version"

You may need to set a unique field as the key.

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Yeah adding key worked. –  Leo Jan 30 '13 at 7:06

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