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I have been using a RestClient request as such:

response = RestClient.post server_url, post_params, accept: :json

Which has been working fine. But I need to increase the timeout as it's not completing every now and then while the server is performing the upload.

I have researched and found that the only solution is to change the syntax to something like:

response = RestClient::Request.execute(:method => :post, :url => server_url, post_params, :timeout => 9000000000)

however, I don't seem to be able to pass the hashmap of parameters ('post_params') like i was able to in the previous call. how should I write the request so that 'post_params' is included. It's a complex hashmap, so i can't augment it or get rid of it.

Help is much appreciated.

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The data you send is called a payload, so you need do specify it as payload:

response = RestClient::Request.execute(:method => :post, :url => server_url, :payload => post_params, :timeout => 9000000, :headers => {:accept => :json})

Also, you may want to use a shorter timeout, otherwise there is a chance you get a Errno::EINVAL: Invalid argument.

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