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I want dynamic html page when I export the Jasper report to html format. To apply Js frameworks to make it dynamic i want to grab the html generated. But the problem is that the html generated is not complete to be applied framework(like Jquery) directly.

I gues there must a html template at the back in which data is filled in Jasper reports. Where can I find that html template in Jasper reports code?

Can I modify the html template?

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There is no html template but an exporter configuration for HTML (see here). In order to enrich the exporter with functionality I suggest to develop a custom exporter by extending the existing JRHtmlExporter. In order to do so you'll need to register an extension point and implement the custom HTML exporter.

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But how does JRHtmlExporter creates html for html document? Actually I need to insert "thead" tag into it. How can I do so? – Kahini Wadhawan Jan 31 '13 at 11:32
best is to donwload JasperReports sources - the JRHtmlExporter translates JR configurations into HTML (see sources here: goo.gl/BbA1F, see for credentials goo.gl/8UA8A). In order to extend it you'd start with a JR Extension, register the custom exporter and add the logic you need. It might be helpful to know that you can define custom properties on any element in JR which you can utilize within the exporter. – MrsTang Jan 31 '13 at 11:47

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