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as someone said that instance internal prototype is a link to constructor prototype so as per this

 function foo(){}
 x=new foo()
 x instanceof foo//false (if instance internal prototype is a link to constructor prototype than it should have been replaced with replacing prototype) but
 x.constructor==foo//true why according to the above definition if internal prototype is a link to constructor prototype it should have been updated
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An objects prototype applies to all instances of that object –  Explosion Pills Jan 30 '13 at 5:01

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In javascript you don't have real classes. You create objects and later add it's methods and properties. So all instances of foo will have the methods/properties applied to foo, doesn't matter when they were added.

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When you make an object with the new keyword, the prototype is not copied, it is linked to. In chrome, firefox and safari (but this is nonstandard), the link is accessible through the __proto__ property, so:

var x = new T();
console.log(x.__proto__ === T); // => true

what is being done internally is that when a property is accessed and it can't be found in the object, the javascript engine looks it up in the prototype object, which itself could have a prototype object.

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