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With maven, is it possible to create a zip file of my maven project? The zip file should also contain the pom.xml file and all others. The zip file is the archive of the maven project. Basically, I just want my user to easily import the project into Eclipse after unpacking the zip file.

How do I achieve this with maven?


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check this stackoverflow.com/questions/7837778/… –  NPKR Jan 30 '13 at 5:40

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You can use antrun plugin

                    <zip destfile="d:/projectname.zip" basedir="${project.basedir}" excludes="target/**" />

run it from Eclipse Run As -> Maven build... -> Goals: antrun:run

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You can accomplish this using maven-assembly-plugin that Pradeep suggested.

And also using maven-antrun-plugin. See the pom and zip task. Include the files that you want in fileset.

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