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User and UserProfile is related with 'OneToOneField'

I have fields = [] to suppress all other fields listed in the dehydrate method,
but it doesn't work.(shows all the fields in the UserProfile model)

class UserProfileResource(ModelResource):

    user = fields.OneToOneField(UserResource, 'user')

    class Meta:
        queryset = UserProfile.objects.all()
        fields = [] ## here, this doesn't work as intended

    def dehydrate(self, bundle):['username'] = bundle.obj.user.username['id'] =['url_profile_image'] = bundle.obj.url_profile_image # this is a property call['url_profile_image_thumbnail'] = bundle.obj.url_profile_image_thumbnail
        return bundle
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Yes, it's a strange behavior of Tastypie. But fields = [''] works as well.

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