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I need to convert today's date to number value in Excel cell Formula.




But if i use =DATEVALUE("03-12-2012")

returns 41246

Could anyone please tell me how to get date number value of today's date....

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Try this


The DATEVALUE function requires the input to be in the correct format. The TODAY function returns the date in the format of the regional settings. Therefore you format the date in a format the DATEVALUE function can understand.

The TODAY function actually return the value of the current date, so putting it into a DATEVALUE is just running in circles.

You should only need to use:


And then format the cell to be a numeric format rather than a date format.

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Don't quite understand you, DATEVALUE() convert a STRING to DATETIME. It doesn't convert a DATETIME into number. In Excel, DATETIME and number is inter-changeable. You only need to change the display format for a date and it can be shown as number (and vice versa). You can also do a =TODAY() * 5 and it will work. Any DATETIME in excel is stored as DAY.Hour format (with 0.0 being 00 Jan 1900).

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This will work:





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