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I am saving the time in sqlite database.there are five screens in my app.in first screen i am adding the details including time in sqlite database.in second screen i am getting the details from sqlite database showing the details to user.in that page i wrote alaram functionality given alaram.Begintime=sqlitestoreddatetimevalue;if user as in the same page then only firing alaram.if user closes the app the alaram didn't work.please tell me how to acheive this?

where to write alaram functionality to call through out application.time data coming from sqlitee database.please tell me.....


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You need to add the alarm to the ScheduledActionService in order to register the alarm with the system, so that it goes off.

Assuming alarmTime is the variable which stores the time at which the alarm should go off, do the following:

var alarm = new Microsoft.Phone.Scheduler.Alarm(System.Guid.NewGuid().ToString())
                Content = "Alarm Text",
                BeginTime = alarmTime,
                Sound = new Uri("Location of Sound file which the alarm will use when triggered", UriKind.Relative),
                //RecurrenceType = RecurrenceInterval.None

For more help, look at this link.

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