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I need to stem words to get the root words. I was able to get the stemmed words for nouns and verbs but unable to get the root words of adjectives.

    WordnetStemmer stem =  new WordnetStemmer(ws.getDictionary());
    System.out.println("test" + stem.findStems("shooting",POS.VERB) );
    System.out.println("test" + stem.findStems("gunshots",POS.VERB) );

The following works but when I try it for an adjective it doesn't. Is there any way to stem an adjective or get the root form of it?

Thanks in advance.

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WordnetStemmerhas been implemented as an extension of SimpleStemmer

So there is definitely a way to stem ADJECTIVES. If the stemmer doesn't find the word, it won't return any stems.

You have a couple of options:

  1. When calling findStems, you can leave the POS as Null, in which case it will return stems for all parts of speech. See the documentation here

  2. Try calling SimpleStemmer instead. As you can see from the Rules of Detachment, many Adjectives are handled, but there will still be a huge number of Adjectives that the stemmer won't handle.

A few samples of adjective stemming:

ADJ "er" ""
ADJ "est" ""
ADJ "er" "e"
ADJ "est" "e" 

Hope that helps you move forward.

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