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As i want to implement a Rounded Cornered Mask to my Image control i Designed a control like this

    <Border x:Name="Border1"  CornerRadius="{Binding CornerRadius,Mode=TwoWay}"  >
            <Image  x:Name="ImageSource1" Background="Transparent" >
<Border x:Name="MaskBorder1"  BorderBrush="White"  CornerRadius="{Binding CornerRadius,Mode=TwoWay}" BorderThickness="3" />

But am getting an Control with .

enter image description here

Anybody have an idea to fill up corners with the Border Color ?

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Just clip the Image, here is a snippet I use

                                    RadiusY="48" />

To make it work, you need to set Center, RadiusX and RadiusY to half the image size.

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this is a great example - thanks! – Will Johnson Jan 16 '15 at 16:53

Don't know it this could help? But for image manipulations I always us the Writeablebitmapex library! And a good example on masking images can be found here...

Hope it helps

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very helpful .Thanks @Depechie ..! – asitis Jan 30 '13 at 11:56

Not sure about your use of CornerRadius="{Binding CornerRadius,Mode=TwoWay}" but I would be interested in seeing your implementation, after checking out Stecya's post here should it prove to be what you are looking for.

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