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I am trying to add additional form data with each upload.

I am using this right now.

var data = {
    formData : {
        vendor:    '{{ $vendor }}',
        extension: '{{ $extension }}'
    acceptFileTypes: /^({{ str_replace('/', '\/', implode('|', $mimes)) }})$/i,
    uploadTemplateId: 'media-upload-template-{{$identifier}}',
    downloadTemplateId: 'media-download-template-{{$identifier}}',

    // jQuery plugin requires size in Bytes, Laravel uses KB
    maxFileSize: {{ ($_valid = (int) $max_file_size) ? $_valid * 1024 : 'undefined' }}

// Grab the CSRF data
if ((csrf = $('#media-upload-csrf-{{$identifier}}')) && csrf.length) {
    data.formData[csrf.attr('name')] = csrf.val();


$('#media-upload-{{$identifier}}').bind('fileuploadsubmit', function (e, data) {
    var inputs = data.context.find(':input');
    if (inputs.filter('[required][value=""]').first().focus().length) {
        return false;
    data.formData = inputs.serializeArray();


I am adding a user id to each file, so userid[] would equal n, this comes from a select right next to the file in the upload template

The problem comes in when using

data.formData = inputs.serializeArray();

It overwrites all of my settings in the data variable above.

I also tried using

$.each(inputs.serializeArray(), function(i, obj) {
            data.formData[obj.name] =obj.value;

in place of

data.formData = inputs.serializeArray();

with no such luck.

Any ideas?

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