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I am a beginner at Python and the Nose framework. What I need to do is to write a Test Loader that will load tests using Nose.The results of the test has to be generated as a HTML report. Can someone give me a description about how to do this. I want to know what are the python test case files to write, what are the libraries to include. Please give me a start on this.


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Have you read through the Nose docs? What have you done so far? – Alex L Jan 30 '13 at 7:21
Have read through the nose docs.I understand there is a class called TestLoader and we can use options(), configure()_loadTestsFromNames() and starttest(). But I am not sure how to use them. A small example will help. – Carol Lyn Jan 30 '13 at 8:06

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I believe that the capability that you describe already exists in Nose.

  • Nose discovers and loads tests.
  • Nose can print output in a variety of formats, including XML (with a plug-in).

If you install Nose and the NoseXML or NoseXMLUnit plugin, I believe that you should have what you need. If you truly need HTML instead of XML, use one of those plugins as a base to write your own. (And make sure to add it to the list of third-party plugins).

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