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How can I show the reply-to field when a message is send to an email address? I'm confused because sometimes it shows, sometimes not..

I used Openerp v7..

I modify the _get_default_from from mail_mail.py.

def _get_default_from(self, cr,uid, context=None):
this = self.pool.get('res.users').browse(cr, uid,uid, context=context)
    if this.alias_domain:
    return '%s@%s' % (this.alias_name,this.alias_domain)
elif this.email:
    return this.email
    raise osv.except_osv(_('Invalid Action!'), _("Unable to send email, please configure the sender's email address or alias."))
_defaults = {
    'state': 'outgoing',
    'email_from': lambda self, cr, uid, ctx=None: self._get_default_from(cr, uid,ctx),
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Obviously _get_default_from() method is used for getting a value for 'email_from' field.

See the *_columns* in mail_mail.py, there is a column that is called 'reply_to':

'reply_to': fields.char('Reply-To', help='Preferred response address for the message')

If you want to show 'reply_to', I think you will have to add this field to the XML files, where the views are defined.

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