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There is a recordset in my access DB that has a field called "OperationDesc" that stores strings that contain the pipe ("|") character. Whenever I use the VBA SQL methods to search through my recordset to identify a particular string that has the pipe character in it - I get an error 3077 "Invalid use of vertical bars in expression.

The section that brings about the error is this:

Set dbs = CurrentDb
qr = "SELECT * FROM [A500Constants] ORDER BY [A500Constants].[ID];"
Set rs = dbs.OpenRecordset(qr)
qr = "[A500Constants].[ID] = " & Me.Controls("AddRoutDesc" & spot).Value
**rs.FindFirst qr**

If rs.Fields("ID") = 1 And Not rs.Fields("OperationDesc") = Me.Controls("AddRoutDesc" & CStr(spot)).Value Then
    'If true at start of rs when not suppose to be - signifies new entry time
    'if Me.Controls("AddRoutDesc" & CStr(Spot)).Value returned a description rather than ID the If would evaluate properly for the 1st item on the routing too
    'beginning process of validating new operation data

The programs bugs out at "rs.FindFirst qr" when Me.Controls("AddRoutDesc" & spot).Value is a string containing a | pipe character.

What this is trying to do: There are n number of combo boxes with the naming convention AddRoutDesc0, AddRoutDesc1, .... and from there I am allowing the user to enter any text s/he wishes. Upon leaving the combobox, I search through a table/recordset by a column titled "OperationDesc" to see if this description has been used before. (I know that I'm currently searching on the ID - I would like to search on the OperationDesc field as it is the only way to allow the user to enter new descriptions at the same time b/c of a conflict between multicolumn comboboxes and the link to list property.) The comboboxes are populated with prior descriptions to choose from, some of which have the pipe | character. This error comes about when I have selected such a description and am leaving the combobox which runs the above. If there is some easier method - I'm all ears or if anyone knows how to get SQL to see a pipe as just another part of a string, that'd be perfect.

I currently have the following code ready and it works to search for a | (or anything really) and replace it with some additional delimiter and the pipe to make it not flag w/e in SQL.

Private Function SQLStringFixer(InputString As String, ByVal FindString As String, ByVal ReplacementString As String, ByVal CompType As Integer) As String
   If Not IsNull(InputString) Then
        Dim WorkingStr As String
        Dim Pntr As Integer

        WorkingStr = InputString
        Pntr = InStr(1, WorkingStr, FindString, CompType)

        Do While Pntr > 0
            WorkingStr = Left(CStr(WorkingStr), CLng(Pntr - 1)) & ReplacementString & Mid(WorkingStr, Pntr + Len(FindString))
            Pntr = InStr(Pntr + Len(ReplacementString), WorkingStr, FindString, CompType)
        SQLStringFixer = WorkingStr
        SQLStringFixer = ""
    End If
End Function

Private Function FixStr4JetSQL(InputString As String) As String
     Dim Temp As String
     Temp = SQLStringFixer(InputString, "'", "''", vbBinaryCompare)
     FixStr4JetSQL = SQLStringFixer(Temp, "|", "' & chr(124) & '", vbBinaryCompare)
End Function

I ultimately just need to know what characters or set of characters will let a query in SQL see a | pipe as a pipe and not some key-symbol to do w/e. If anyone knows what this is - it will be a big help - such a trivial matter has cost me so much time.

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qr = "[A500Constants].[ID] = " & Me.Controls("AddRoutDesc" & spot).Value Shouldn't you be putting quotes around the expression with the pipe? – ta.speot.is Jan 30 '13 at 8:09
Are you saying that you have a single field filled with multiple descriptions? This looks very like a design fault. You could save yourself a great deal of trouble by having a description table with single lines for each description ( r937.com/relational.html ). Why are you using FindFirst rather than appending a WHERE statement to your SQL? I am puzzled as to how this works at all, when you have not use LIKE. – Fionnuala Jan 30 '13 at 11:35
@Remou Who has time for a proper relational model? I'm using a RAD tool! We'll always be able to rapidly change it later, right? – ta.speot.is Jan 30 '13 at 11:46
@ta.speot.is I am suggesting a faster approach to the design than writing code. What makes Access a RAD tool is that you can mostly avoid code. The key point was "save yourself a great deal of trouble". – Fionnuala Jan 30 '13 at 11:50
ok I just changed the line to: qr = "[A500Constants].[OperationDesc] = """ & Me.Controls("AddRoutDesc" & spot).Value & """" rs.FindFirst qr it now works... I swear to God - I did this yesterday and it didn't work... maybe there is something wrong with my work comp - thanks for the pro tip cause apparently that is all I needed to do – neogeek23 Jan 30 '13 at 16:23
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The programs bugs out at rs.FindFirst qr when Me.Controls("AddRoutDesc" & spot).Value is a string containing a | pipe character.

I am not sure it would work for strings containing anything other than numbers or a SQL keyword like NULL.

Consider if Me.Controls("AddRouteDesc" & spot).Value contains iamastringwithoutapipe. The line:

qr = "[A500Constants].[ID] = " & Me.Controls("AddRoutDesc" & spot).Value

is equivalent to:

qr = "[A500Constants].[ID] = " & "iamastringwithoutapipe"

is equivalent to:

qr = "[A500Constants].[ID] = iamastringwithoutapipe"

I would think the correct statement would be:

qr = "[A500Constants].[ID] = '" & Me.Controls("AddRoutDesc" & spot).Value & "'"

Which is equivalent to:

qr = "[A500Constants].[ID] = 'iamastringwithoutapipe'"

On the whole, using FindFirst like this is quite fragile. You'd probably be better off writing a handful of parameterised queries and/or not using Access.

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Why not use Access? Let us say this is a small business, Access is the cheap, sensible choice and always has been. Almost anything is 'fragile' if you are not using it properly. Parameter queries are a great idea, but they take time, and sometimes that time is not available, after all Access is a RAD tool. – Fionnuala Jan 30 '13 at 11:26
@Remou "probably be better off not using Access" != "do not use Access" – ta.speot.is Jan 30 '13 at 11:31
I tried qr = "[A500Constants].[ID] = '" & Me.Controls("AddRoutDesc" & spot).Value & "'" and that doesn't work, you were right with your comment earlier that it is qr = "[A500Constants].[OperationDesc] = """ & Me.Controls("AddRoutDesc" & spot).Value & """" – neogeek23 Jan 30 '13 at 16:26

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